CES Principles

I’m a HUGE fan of the CES principles. I was introduced to them by my principal Bob Boegli when I started at McFatter Technical High School. They clarified what I instinctively believed about school and how it should work.

CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO on the CES and how it helps shape the way you think about schools and learning.

The guiding idea behind the coalition happens before there is data, grades, curriculum, is in place… it’s focused on students, not subjects.  Here are the 10 principles that guide a coalition school.  Think about them… what if a school really worked that way? This page has more info on the individual principles and has some videos on each- seeing them in action.  Can you imagine a place where this isn’t just on the wall, but actually in the intentions and actions of everyone in a school?

You may be in a school where the CES principles aren’t a priority- maybe not even a concept many think about. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t guide your classroom. This is real teaching- this is real learning- and this is a realistic way that teachers and students can all be on the same page and cooperate with each other in learning and thinking and moving forward to becoming lifelong learners.


The bottom line is it doesn’t matter what your curriculum is. It doesn’t matter how you deliver it. It doesn’t matter how much technology you have in your school/lab…. NONE of this matters if you don’t have your “WHY” established.


The principles are to be considered way before any of the items that we’re normally worried about are even established. It’s a mindset- a way of thinking about school and learning- that guides all the smaller details we’ll need to consider.


Give it a thought.


Seriously…. give it a thought. What really matters?


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