A False Dilemma…

We have artists with no scientific knowledge and scientists with no artistic knowledge and both with no spiritual sense of gravity at all, and the result is not just bad, it is ghastly. The time for real reunification of art and technology is really long overdue. – ZMM, Robert Pirsig

There’s all kinds of truth in there. Science can’t find truth alone (classical knowledge all lumped in here with it’s dualism of true or false, right or wrong), and Art can’t find truth alone (that knowing without “facts,” like knowing love, quality, morality, etc…). And if you don’t CARE about looking deeper, you never will. Again, a choice.

If you’re only going on “feeling” or your only going on “facts,” you’ll never get there. Reality is that you need both a“truthful” knowing and a “tacit” knowing. Stopping short of holding both is really holding neither. Choose to see the world as it is, which is bigger than you’ve most likely ever seen it before.

Some of you are focusing on the technical excellence of your work- Always learning more, and that’s amazing. But make sure that you don’t get so into the technical stuff that you lose the feeling and the guiding elements and principles of art and design. “Looks great, less filling” to paraphrase a famous beer commercial (and describe the prequel trilogy of the  Star Wars story).

Others of you keep expressing yourselves with great feeling, but aren’t working on the technical aspects well enough that your work is engaging from a visual sense. An appropriate paraphrase for you may be, “If it feels good, do it well.”

The beauty of design is that you are combining art and a message. You can have either one and be met with some success. But when you can combine the two, you get a synergy in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, like Michelle’s image featured in today’s post.

Choose to do well. Choose to feel. Choose to learn.

Or don’t.

But choose with gusto. If you’re not making a choice and straddling the fence, you’re not even quitting well. NOTHING is worse than average.

5 thoughts on “A False Dilemma…”

  1. Christian Reid

    Very true of what he is saying, its good to have a good understanding of what your doing in order to express ones self into an image.if it wasn’t for the ability to express myself through art… I’de probably end up in a mental hospital. As you may see in my profile picture i created myself as a zombie in photo shop, not because I like to make myself look like a freakish zombie. But because at the time I felt like I was a mindless figure just walking around with no purpose. And if it wasn’t for all the tutorials and the science behind making the zombie, it would look like a pile of poo right now.

  2. Yeah, well said. I believe I said the same thing in some comments before, just not as elaborately or eloquently. It’s kind of like the military concept of strategy and power. You can have a great strategy, but if you don’t have the ability to back it up, you won’t get much done. You can have a lot of power, but if you don’t know what to do with it you won’t get much done, either.

  3. well said if u dont understand and express what your doing its meaning will have much less puspouse than it could have.
    the looks of your work dosent mean much if thers no meanig to it with a meaning somthing could mean the world.

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