A Do-Over

An artist never really finishes his work, he (she) merely abandons it.

Paul Valery


Seniors are nearly out of here, and the rest of you are due for a summer break. I’d like to take a little time to share a truth of life with you:

You’re never done, you can only quit.

In life, you’re never done learning, you only quit. You never finish a piece of work for a design job, you just meet the deadline and HAVE to quit. Life is a constant series of “good enough’s.”  That’s the practical truth of it. You won’t reach perfection. You just get close enough for your own purposes. And that is the decision you really have to make. What are your purposes? What is your purpose?

Hmmm… sounds like another choice, doesn’t it?

It is. It’s the biggest choice. What do you want your life to stand for? It’s not about everyone else thinking you’re awesome. It’s about you KNOWING you are awesome because you are living the purposes you’ve set for yourself. Other people’s opinions begin to lose power over you when this happens. You can look at a job well done and enjoy it, even if nobody else can. You can enjoy your labor and learning even if there is no other reward other than your labor and learning itself. That is the secret to living a happy life.

Brainbuffet.com has been pretty successful as a classroom website goes. I’ve learned  a ton this year. It’s been a popular spot for many teachers and students from across the globe. And I’m seriously considering totally revamping EVERYTHING this summer. Why? Because I love to work on it. I love to share these tutorials and showcase your art. I love to have a place for you to visit online that (hopefully) inspires you and challenges you. I love my classroom being available to you 24/7.

So even though it’s “working,” it’s never done. Just like this post. I need to get it out, but I have a million thoughts I want to share… But it’s late in the day on a monday, and I want you to have a new post for the week to ponder. So I’ll wrap this up for now and save the thoughts still rattling around for another time. This post is over, I can’t get it back again… But I can get a “do-over” for the next post and expand, change directions, even recant what I’ve written today.

Because every day, you have a million choices to make, and each one it a do-over. No matter how many poor decisions you’ve made until now, you get to start again with the next choice you make to do the best you can if you’ve quit too early for your own comfort in the past.

Don’t kill yourself over perfection. You’ll never get there, but you’ll get another chance at another project. And when it’s “due” and you still care about the project, keep working on it until you feel you’ve learned what you can from it for the time.  And also avoid the nasty (and common) habit of quitting a job before you’ve milked it for all the learning and experience you can- the bottom line is that you’ve not cheated anyone so bad as yourself when you quit before it’s time.

Love your life. No minute is wasted unless you choose to waste it. The way you treat your own time reflects how you feel about your own worth. Invest in yourself. If you haven’t done so until today, I’m giving you a do-over with your next decision. Choose wisely! 😉

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