A “Do-Over”- Week 4

Last week I apologized to you guys for the rough start we had this year. Unforeseen computer problems had me scrambling the first couple weeks and I feel like we got off to a late start. We’ve already done some of the projects we needed to, but we skipped some essentials that I had planned for. It’s my fault for not plugging in the lab before you guys got here to check that everything was working. It’s my fault, and I’m taking responsibility.

With that said, it’s also time to get cranked back down to the way things should be. So let’s start with a “do-over.” We obviously won’t redo projects we’ve already done, but let’s get cranked with the right atmosphere in here.

Here’s the list of “to-do” for today- which should have been the day one lessons:


Go here and watch the student videos on the classroom policies. Watch every one. When done, come up and tell me and I’ll have a sheet for you to sign saying you have seen and understand the policies in the videos. We’ll have a chat about them next class and you’ll get a chance to suggest changes. I’m open to them if we can address the problems the current policies are meant to address! Some of them may be changing- but that will be discussed next class and revised videos (if we need any) will be posted as soon as we come to a new policy!

Today’s Journal- Take notes on the videos. Things you agree on and things you think could change.


9/21 UPDATE- We’re in the swing!! Just jump over to the Comm Tech 1¬†page and start on your next project! You should be moving forward through the videos at the quickest speed you can without sacrificing any creativity, understanding or FUN! If you complete a project and get a cool idea about how to use the tools for your own creative idea- PLEASE DO!!! There’s no race… we’re just practicing creativity!

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