Month: May 2012

Wrap It Up!

It’s our last week!!!! Here are the projects that you should have to show me: Tutorial Project (original post) Brush Magic (original post) Contradiction/Paradox (original post) Emotional Release (original post) Broken (original post) Appreciation (original post) Art As Therapy (original post) Final Project- Do whatever you want!!! Impress me! Have these all by final exam …

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Art As Therapy

So in class we talked a little about how in life, there will be frustrations! You’ll experience disappointment, discouragement, probably a broken heart or two. This is called being a human being in a real world. It happens to everyone. The biggest problem is that we stuff these things down and carry them around instead …

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Pay It Forward

This week’s project is simple- create a token of appreciation for someone in your life who has invested in you. You again have total freedom to do what you want… Write a song, create an image, write a poem… If you choose a written form, please just attend to the visual layout and create a …

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