Month: April 2012


Broken. One word can conjure up a thousand different ideas for us. This week I want you to use just the word “broken” as a prompt for your work. Stop and think about the word. Turn it around. Look at the opposite side. These activities are as much of the creative process as technically and …

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“In art, and maybe just in general, the idea is to be able to be really comfortable with contradictory ideas. In other words, wisdom might be, seem to be, two contradictory ideas both expressed at their highest level and just let to sit in the same cage sort of, vibrating. So, I think as a …

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Brush Magic

Mike R was a prolific artist here in the lab and he was pretty creative with just brushes. This week, with the new Brush talk under your belt, you will be too. Remember that your image must represent the phrase “scatter.” But you are free to think of that any way you want. Don’t be …

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NQLE- Banksy Style

So this weekend I caught an AMAZING documentary on street art called “Exit Through The Gift Shop“- and learned more about world renown street artist Banksy. I was inspired… so I wanted to recreate that stencil look in the images. I’ll try to get it into tutorial format soon… Can’t remember all the experimenting- but …

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