Month: February 2010

Spin that Web

Web design starts today. Refresher for the Vets, and Intro for the newbies… Get the basics done here today so we can get this puppy cranked out fast! Check out the new web design project on the CT1 Page. More to come soon (I can’t find my DW intro video tutorials!)

Vector Love

So we’re wrapping up illustrator soon. You guys need to get through the three tutorials (robot, trendy, and spooky) on the tutorials  page. That’s the basic stuff I want you to know so that you can use it well enough to get by for now. We need to move on to Dreamweaver and learn to …

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The Mid-Term Blues

So… walking around in the last few days I’m kinda bummed that there’s so little for many of you to show me. Last quarter the cry from the trenches was “there’s not enough projects up, so there’s nothing for us to do.” So I created the projects page for extra ideas. Now I have four …

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