Month: November 2009

Losing track

[singlepic id=74 w=320 h=240 float=left]I hate it that I’m so swamped with so many projects, I often neglect the common little ones. Like updating this blog daily. I’m turning over a new proverbial leaf and committing to starting as the time and life-sucking extra project I was working on is complete. So from now on, …

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Gallery 2- Digital You

Next gallery- Digital you. The current example here from RyanGa is an amazing example of a great job. It’s still a WIP, but check out the consistancy of color depth and pop, orientation, and proper use of line and flow. This can be a tough project- but you guys got this.


So we’ve spent some time learning the basics- the technical basics. Now we’re on to the art basics. This is where you learn not only how to use the tools in a robotic sense, but how to use them in an artistic sense. CT1 students will be working on the elements and principles for a …

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