1415.B.6- It’s all downhill from here…

You guys are generally doing fine. No major problems for the class.

Progress reports went in yesterday. Overall it’s as I expected. Few doing poorly. Few knocking it out of the park, and most doing well.

As for examples- THIS is what I want to see with blog posts on Photoshop. Let the pictures do the talking and just write a paragraph to sum up the week. That’s it! Mission soon on a cool new feature of the GAME!



Wow… I know it hasn’t been obvious, but there is a TON going on behind the scenes! Today is my day to knock out some missions and get them in the GAME for you guys to claim your proper rewards!

Here’s what you need to know:


I’ll create missions for all of the following:

  • Mindfulness Side Mission (happiness and purpose)
  • Technology Side Mission (geeking out)
  • Intelligence Side Mission (thinking well)
  • Design Side Mission (art and beauty)
  • Future Side Missions (career, self-awareness)



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