1415.B.4- Rolling Forward

WOAH! WAY too many GAMR’s are behind the curve! Sid is on the WARPATH! We need to get everyone done with a HUNTER/HEALER DAY!

FIRST– If you’re in the top half of the class and have things moving along well, Find someone who is farther behind than you, and be their guide today. You will be helping them move forward and start by taking  a screenshot of their portfolio.

SECOND– Help them move forward. Students in the bottom half of the class MUST accept help from the top half, even if it’s just to show them what mission you’re on and listen to their input on how to complete it. (Hint: read the mission and watch the videos)

THIRD– Hunter/healers will help the student they choose to help for the rest of the hour. In your down time, you can also walk arond as a lab assistant to help kids move forward!



HERE is a great video to watch on mindfulness and the scientific research behind that whole concept. Then do a medium GOYO mission and document it in a post under the GROW category on your blog!


GAMR’s that are done with BOOT: 

Why not dig into DIVI? Check out this page that teaches you about how to use the pagebuilder. Make a new page on your Blog called “testdivi” and experiment with DIVI or MAKE themes!




You should be done with BOOT. It only takes 7 or 8 hours at the MOST (some have completed in 4) to get it done, and we’ve had 12 hours of class so far working only on BOOT! You are NOT doing awesome- or even average- of you’re not past boot yet. You’re not 100% focused when you’re in here. That’s the only possible explanation.

It’s not OK to be off task in our class. There is no homework ONLY if you’re on task and working every day. If you’re not, then you need to make up for the time you were off task at home. I don’t assign homework, but YOU have some due if you’re not on task.


Now to those that are working hard and cranking things out!!! I’m launching PHOTOSHOP today!

Head over to ACATESTPREP.COM– our training for Photoshop. I recommend the CS4 videos to get started- they move forward in a really simple way. I’ll post missions for them ASAP!

[su_button url=”http://acatestprep.com/photoshop/” target=”blank” style=”glass” background=”#F00″ color=”#ffffff” size=”15″ icon=”icon: cog” icon_color=”#fff”]ACATESTPREP.COM[/su_button]



Today is the first day I let you roll on your own!!! GAMRS in boot should keep knocking it out, remember, there is damage each day until you reach 1000xp! Knock it out!

GAMERS that have finished BOOT should just keep moving forward in Photoshop. REMEMBER – Watch every video all th eway through with headphones on! That’s the only way to pass the exam! 🙂



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