1415.A.11- Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes…


You won’t need to make a change- I hope most of you don’t. But some have asked for it- and there was feedback on the exams about giving you some choices and power to choose your own educational path (student as learner-teacher as coach). I am true to my word and will let you jump this week if you want to to photoshop.


I want you guys to hear me a little first. Work on illustrator today and wrap up your current project if you think you want to jump to photoshop. Then we’ll talk about the advantages and disadvantages of jumping to photoshop now. I think you guys should wait and wrap up Illy, but we’ll chat about it and I will honor YOUR choice to focus in the area you’re most interested in. It’s YOUR education, so you should be able to choose the path!

Here are all the missions I have for you in Illustrator and then you should be pretty ready for the test. Passing the test gives you 1. an A for the quarter automatically and 2. Total freedom to dig deeper into your tech program content.

Intro To Illustrator:

Illy IntroIlly Basics Robot Trendy Spooky


Vector Dojo – Self-Portrait


Photoshop stuff covered when we chat. I’ll make sure you’re informed so you can make a good choice!

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