OK Gang!!

LOTS of changes… but that’s pretty normal for us, right? ūüôā

As is my custom, I use the exams to grade MYSELF more than you at this point. I know what you know, and our projects are built on each other… so an exam for me is redundant. Thanks for all the amazing feedback!

Here’s what became clear:


  • Schwartz WHO???¬†– Schwartz needs to walk around more and circulate more. Remote help isn’t cool.
  • Gold has no use– create uses for it.
  • More information in quests – Intros, what I’m looking for, what you’re learning, etc.
  • Videos too short/too long– Though it seems like opposites, it’s not… we need MORE videos in SHORTER, more specific chunks.
  • Organization is lacking– in a lot of areas, things aren’t clear. Gamr’s want to really get what’s going on so they can play better and understand the game.
  • Some work seems tedious- Goodbye Weeklies. Hello, Structure.
  • Want more social aspects– seeing other’s art, group projects, and “brainstorming” as well as “reflective” time that’s cooperative.


  • The atmosphere in here- relaxed, both educationally and the physical space are groovy
  • Individualized– Self-paced, relaxed pressure.
  • Freeedom– to modify the class to make it best for you as a user
  • Blogs– students love it except for the weeklies
  • Game– Students generally love it, but say it needs work.
  • Real world tools– We’re using real software in real ways
  • Fun Projects– They’re not lame and boring.



  • MORE CONSTANT& CONSISTENT FEEDBACK– Using Class Dojo, Edline, Etc…
  • NO MORE WEEKLIES– but we’ll have a project for the week. No STRICT Deadlines, but structure for the projects. DONT FALL BEHIND!
  • MORE DETAIL– in projects, game progress, videos, everything.
  • FAB FRIDAY– (needs a cooler name)- Fridays you guys clean up your blogs and show off your work. Collaborate, Evaluate, Emulate, and other words that end with “-ate.”
  • TEST OUT OPTIONS- Know how to do a project already? Test out by proving it to me. NO UNNECESSARY WORK/REDUNDANCIES.
  • COMPETITION– At least, with a killer image of the week for every class. Make it for bonus gold.
  • STORE GETS STOCKED– Stock up the store with goodies to purchase.


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SENIORS- Follow the following instructions to vote for senior superlatives:

Sign on to Edline
Scroll down to YEARBOOK



You might notice a sweet new update to wordpress. Visually much more awesome. Working on getting it on your blogs as well. Will keep ya posted.


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I’m reading a book right now called The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything . . . Fast!¬†and got a cool list of things to remember to learn a skill fast. ¬†Lots of us are doing it wrong- myself included!

One of the first and most important lessons is that practice makes perfect. I know, old news… but that concept has been bent. I’ve heard many teachers say that “onlky perfect practice makes perfect.” But it’s just not true. When learning a new skill… NOTHING beats practice, because you’ll make lots of mistakes and learn from it.

Check out this list from the book:

1. Choose a lovable project– If you hate it you won’t practice well.
2. Focus energy on one skill at a time– Multiu-tasking sucks.
3. Define your target performance level– Not mastery, but ACQUISITION of the skill.
4. Deconstruct the skill into sub-skills-Bite size pieces, kids!
5. Obtain critical tools– Not the world’s best, but gotta have what you need.
6. Eliminate barriers to practice- time, schedule, resources, emotional blocks… Make sure you can commit.
7. Make dedicated time for practice- 90 minutes a day
8. Create fast feedback loops– To evaluate yourself.
9. Practice by the clock in short bursts- 3-5 bursts of 20 minutes.
10.¬†Emphasize quantity and speed- “Good enough” form.


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