1314.3.4- Grades… what?!?!?

Can you believe I’ve been taking attendance and getting grades in the gradebook for a whole quarter? It’s been a problem for me ever since I started teaching, and making it a game like I have with you guys has me in the habit. Love it.

Speaking of love, next month’s theme will be relationships. Friends, boy/girlfriends, or parents, relationships are critical for happiness. There’s no denying it. But so many of us have bad relationship habits or a poor understanding of what’s best for us to promote good communication and healthy relationships.

One of the things I need to do better is prioritize, it’s in the way of me getting things done. I get distracted with little things that I want to get done, but that don’t need to be done right now. Once I figure out how to get that written up concisely, I’ll post.


I need to check on grades next week. Here’s what you need:

PROOF of 4 weeks worth of work– Everyone should have Design Essentials done. First year GAMR’s, that’s Pen Dojo and your self portrait should be started. If you’re still on the pen, that’s average at BEST. Get moving. That’s a week and a half worth of work. Advanced gamr’s, Design essentials and 3 weeks worth of work… meaning 1-2 large projects or 3-4 small or medium projects.

Screenshots and updated blog. That’s where I’ll check it all. have a post for each week as described in this sitrep. Put it in q3 category (make it if you don’t have it). Have a post for each week. Just screenshots is Average. Screenshots and reflection on the weekly topic in the sitrep is Awesome.

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