1314.3.2- Integrity and Awesome

OK guys… Here’s the scoop:

Schwartz’s Video Challenge:

So I made a promise/challenge to myself in the last couple weeks to do a video a day. I haven’t nailed down the parameters. But as of now, I have them recorded, but not produced and uploaded. That’s not going to work, because videos on my hard drive that nobody can see are useless to everyone.

Here are the parameters:

  • Every Monday I need to be done with 7 videos from the last week when I write the SITREP, .
  • The videos need to be posted live on the web (or being uploaded) before the first class of the day. (technical issues with internet can’t be held against me)
  • Every student gets a letter grade boost if I don’t do it and don’t have an excused absence (same rules as you).
  • I have 2 weeks to catch up (same rules as you) to where I’m supposed to be after an excused absence.

Think that covers it… I’ll post these on the videos page for reference. Feel free to ask questions or post ideas about how to make this as fair as possible for all of us.
And with all that being said, I didn’t get done last week. Everyone gets a letter grade boost this week! Congrats- but don’t rely on it. I’m coming back with a vengeance! 🙂


Topic of the week: Healthy Goal-Setting.

So there were lots of reasons I could have used to give myself a reprieve and not give you guys the weekly bonus. But I chose not to.

There’s something important to remember about setting yourself a challenge: it has to be measurable! If you make it miserable, set the goals too high, it’ll not be fun. Don’t set a goal to lose weight. Set a goal to lose 10 pounds in the next 6 months. Don’t set a goal to “do better in school.” Set a goal to put aside an hour a day for study or homework.

Second, make it obtainable. Don’t set yourself up for failure by setting a goal that’s nearly impossible to make. Wanna lose weight? Don’t say you’re going to lose 30 pounds in the next three weeks. Not wise. Healthy weight loss is at a rate of 1-2 pounds a week. So thirty pounds can take 15 months! Give yourself time. Wanna clean out your whole house? Not a weekend job. Tackle a room or a closet a weekend.

Next, one at a time! Don’t try to change everything for your life at once. Tackle a single change at a time. Don’t set yourself up by requiring 4 extra hours worth of work each day. One at a time. Want your room organized, homework done in the mornings, and learn to cook? Put them in order, and do the first thing first. When that’s done or rolling in your life, add another.

Last, make sure it’s fun. Give yourself rewards for making changes. Meet your goal and you get something you want (Try not to make it counter-productive! No chocolate binges if you’re trying to lose weight!). Also make sure it’s a change YOU want… no pressure from friends or family! Make it something you value so that you enjoy meeting your goals.

Keep these things in mind when trying to make a change. It’ll make it easier and more fun- and GREATLY increase your chances for success!


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