1314.18- HALFWAY THERE!!!


Tons of fun, eh? Sid loves exam week…. It’s kinda creepy to see him smile.

Anyway- Here’s what you’ll need DONE.



  • Should have 8 weekly sitreps for weeks 10-18
  • Should have 4 GROW missions (name them according to the topic)
  • Should have 1 tech mission (On SSD’s.)
  • Should have AT LEAST 9 Medium or 4-5 Large  missions completed or mastered. Medium takes a week, and large takes up to 2 weeks. TOP is going to be making sure you have enough work to equal your pay. If you’re short… so will your paycheck be!  Newbies have the Illustrator missions (up to Spooky if going in order), and Vets should have at least 5 medium or large GOYO or LOYO missions.


The list above is excellent work. Falling short of that means falling short of excellence. Document it all in your finals, beginning tomorrow, 12/17.


 12.17.13 UPDATE:

OK Gang… First, mid terms are here. Check the list above and make sure that you’re updated and on top of things.


We will need to recalibrate next quarter. Things moving too slowly- WHICH ISN’T BAD- but I think that we can have a heck of a lot more fun if we had more adventures and missions to play with. Don’t get stuck. I DO want mastery on missions, but I haven’t done a good job of indicating what’s important. My bad… that’s on me. You’ll see a new mission format coming soon that should help you engage and have even more fun!


Give me good feedback on the midterms. Let me know what’s working and what isn’t. What can we tweak to make it better in here?


 Check out THIS amazing student midterm! Exactly what I want (and her blog is rockin’, too!)

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