1314.17- ‘Tis the Season

Or should I say “the end is nigh?”

We’re wrapping up this quarter. Mid-term exams next week. More on that later this week. Trust me, if you’ve been working and know what you’re doing, you’re ready.


Like you guys, I’m learning a lot. A lot about this program and how to run it better. Lots of ways we’re hitting the mark. A few ways we’re missing it. And I always get feedback from my team. I really want you guys to think about this program, and I’m going to be thinking about it this week as well. Let’s not do any busywork- and let’s not waste any time in here either. What do we need to dump, and what do we need to work harder at? Think about it.

And I need you to think about it from MY perspective as a teacher/coach/leader. Our goals haven’t changed at all. Here are the things we’re working on:

  1. Problem Solving– Developing the ability to solve problems
  2. Happiness– Developing the ability to enjoy your life- and to find it meaningful
  3. Self-Awareness– Developing a better grasp on who you are and where you want to go in life
  4. Digital Literacy Developing a better grasp on using technology and using technology in productive and positive ways
  5. Beauty– Developing an appreciation of art and learning to use design to help you enjoy your life more and express yourself better

Anything that contributes to these goals, we need to focus on and keep. Any distractions from these goals we need to dump. Everything is fair game- Even my favorite little parts of the class. It’s not about me- it’s about you guys.


Thoughts? Feel free to comment and plant a seed in our minds about your ideas. Be brief, and make sure it addresses one of our goals.


Remember, next week is the end of the quarter. Get ready for Mid Terms!


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