1314.16- Tryptophan Recovery Week

OK, [su_tag]- time to get over that turkey coma from the holiday. I’m posting on a wednesday- so I guess time for me to get over it, too!

This week I wanna just touch base and get us all in the groove. TESTING begins soon. Not boring testing, but real industry certifications. Things that will promote your career.


This is the first year for Illustrator- so I want to get you guys to take the test. NO PRESSURE! Think of this as recon.  We’re just checking out what it’s about. Let’s see what’s on it and how you guys do. We’ll cover holes in the training after we see what we know- and what we don’t.


I expect every GAMR to take the test by 3rd quarter. Again, no expectations. No pressure.


Newbies- you guys should be getting through those illustrator projects. Don’t take more than a week on any of them before the pen tool. You’ll be able to do what you want for SURE after you have the pen tool mastered. So don’t get bogged down. I’m also having TOP rewrite the missions so you know what we’re looking for. Then it matters even less HOW you get there. The goals for the missions need to be primary- not the instruction. If you already know it or learn better on your own- do it!


Coming soon- TOP wants to talk to you guys about it!

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