1314.11- Movin’ On Up… ^

xflowHappy Halloween Week!

The goal is to GRADUATE right now.

Get your blogs PERFECT.

Make sure you understand how it rolls after BOOT. You need to be CREATIVE. You need to be ENGAGED. You need to learn the basics before you move forward on your own.

Some of you guys are not watching the videos. You’re looking at the person next to you who is doing awesome and trying to copy them.

PLEASE DO. If they’re doing awesome, they’re watching the videos! COPY THEM BY WATCHING THE VIDEOS ALSO.


I promise that none of you will move forward any faster than I bring you through the videos. There is simply no way. I’ve found the best books, the best DVD’s, the coolest tricks, and joined them together into a few projects- summarizing a whole chapter of a book in 3-5 minutes. There is no faster way.

To learn the same stuff the traditional way would take probably 2 semesters. Some students, working hard, get it done in a month… then they just start exploring and figuring out their own way to do it.


But you gotta walk before ya run, [su_tag]!


Also, the goodies are at the END of the video! If you start watching a video and it seems to be covering things you know… KEEP WATCHING! I give all the cool tips and tricks at the end.


After BOOT, I need to approve everything for mastery. I WILL NOT approve you for mastery until you prove you know how to use the concepts covered in that mission. Don’t want to use them? No problem. You never have to use them again. But you DO need to use them once so that you know what they do.

TRUST ME. TRUST THE PROCESS. It’s the easiest and quickest path to freedom and some good skills.


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Graduated? Awesome! Knock Down these missions:

  2.  Small GOYO Mission Click here for mission ideas. You’ll need a GOYO mission a week!


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