1314.10-Turning The Corner


WOW…. It was crazy to see how many GAMR’s had marked themselves complete on missions that they never did. Amazing to see that people clicked “mastery” without a blog post. Amazing how many parents were SHOCKED because GAMR’s weren’t showing off what they were doing.


Crazy thing??? The first year recruits… the total newbies ROCKED IT! You guys are doing amazing! Soon we’ll have a page of all the blogs for you to check out.


Want to get off to a good start? Try this mission. You gotta have mom/dad/guardian get involved… but it’s worth HUGE points. Not because it’s hard… but because it’s important. I want them to check out your blog. I want you to be telling them what’s going on and showing them your art. This is a privilege. No other school in the entire district has blogs to show the world their art. Learn about this. Believe me… this is the wave of the future. ESPECIALLY for anyone that wants to be in the creative fields. You’ll need a blog. Learn how.





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