1.11- Illustrator Spooky Scene

Project Scenario:

Last project we learned some cool 3d and customization elements. In this project, we’re going to learn an easy way to work with a complex concept- Gradient Mesh. This allows you to custom create gradients in your objects rather than the regular fills or gradients. You can have really cool gradients that change colors at intervals and positions you determine. It’s a VERY powerful feature. You’ll also work more with the pathfinder and modification tools, and touch on the cool symbol sprayer and associated tools.

Project Objective:

Explore the 3d and brush tools in Illustrator.


  • Learn the cool tools and experiment with each tool after each video. (save the experiments as 111original-lastname for extra credit)
  • Create a new, original design using the tools you’ve learned- It’s gotta be different from the one in the tutorials.
  • Save the document as 111spooky-username(ie””) in your files folder

Concepts Learned:

  • Illustrator Workspace
  • Pathfinder
  • Gradient mesh
  • Blending Modes


  • Adobe Illustrator



  • WATCH ALL OF THE VIDEOS AND FOLLOW ALONG!!! Don’t just watch the first 5 seconds. There’s lots of good mojo in there (if I do say so myself.)
  • Try to understand the tools- don’t just follow along. The goal here is to LEARN, not to copy me. You’re going to need to do something original, so think about it. Don’t fall into monkey-see, monkey-do mode. Problem Solving, remember?


Did you create an original image? Did you use the tools discussed in the tutorials? Did you pay attention to the Elements and Principles when creating your image? Did you save it in the proper folder with the proper name? Did you use the rubric and do your documentation (or journaling?)


  • Create an extra image using the skills you learned in your tutorials

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