2014 Video Challenge

No, I’m not creating 2,014 videos… but I’m creating one a day for the year (on average). Here are the rules:

  1. Every Monday, You guys check the list. If I’m behind more than 10%, you guys get a letter grade boost for the week.
  2. If they’re up on the internet, but not in my site, that’s OK. Sometimes hard to get stuff working with district connections and security “features.”
  3. I’ll make the list pretty once a week. Use the header button below to link direct to the folder.


 Dye Sublimation Templates

General Computer Knowledge


  1. Rob? Does this still work?
    Wondering if it’d be worth it to watch all your Illustrator fundamentals at this point. I’m teaching an intro to Illustrator class and it’s now 2018 and I’ve got the Cloud. Are the principles the same? I’m a pretty newbie myself. What do you think?

    • They’re helpful if you would like to learn the Illustrator Fundamentals! 😉


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